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Tishya Shree
“Success is waiting for you, what are you waiting for”

Tishya Shree is a young Indian Author, a doctor in making, a poet, and a lyricist. Her first book was published at the age of 19 and was of great success. The book has bagged many prestigious awards and recognition. Apart from writing and studies, music is the thing, which soothes her soul. Besides being a versatile personality, she is very much sensitive towards society, as she soulfully connects to old aged orphans and women, enlightening up a ray of smiles in their lives.

Tishya Shree, being an author, is very imaginative, sensitive, and visionary. She holds the values that bind her soul towards well-required responsibility towards society. The Author not only plots emotion as a frame in her writeups but also bring it into her daily practice to change the life of poor and destitute. Being a picture of feminism, she advocates for the education of girl children, a step towards women empowerment.

Besides being social elements, Tishya Shree is having a myopic personality. She holds a very practical and methodical approach to live in today. She feels every day is being another fresh day to shape up the way you want. And as a consequence, you build in the rock-solid foundation for the future as well. Her personality motivates humankind for being a self-motivator. As long as one pushes oneself for betterment every day and holds faith, there is hardly required any driving force. The Author’s nature projects a real-time schematic view to act promptly with all the maturity you hold from past experiences and ready for new challenges and consequences. In her view, everyone holds the divinity within them, and the same should be trusted to keep boosting up the confidence with passage of time.

In a world, where selfishness and corruption has killed the humanity of human beings, the author wishes to see a world full of kindness and humanity. She writes to inspire the world. Her writing, also motivates people to dream and to live their dreams.

Her vision is to work for the orphans and old-aged people, up to the extent she could. Also, she wishes to support women, inspire and encourage them in every possible way. As a future doctor, she also imagine to provide health privileges to the needy ones.


Dream Bridges Success

by Tishya Shree

Anand and Darsh, two Medical aspirants, belong to poor background. One side Anand restricts his dreams to just become a doctor. On the contrary Darsh has a broader vision to become famous. But he is constantly warned by Anand to cut off his broader range of dreams accepting financial crisis as a hurdle. The Author has beautifully portrayed steps taken by Darsh to achieve dreamt success as a token of motivation.

Book Launch Event

“Dream Bridges Success”

29th October, 2018

Raj Bhawan, Goa

Launched by the former Governor of Goa, late Mrs. Mridula Sinha in the presence of former union minister Mr. Ram Kripal Sinha, The Chairman of Red Cross Society, Mr. Gaurish Dhond, IAS Officers and Authors.

Award Ceremony

17th August 2019

Atal Mithila Samman Award

By the Defence Minister of India Mr Rajnath Singh


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